Panchagavya Skin Lotion


Product Description

GoSeva’s Nourishing Body Protection Skin Cream is a light, skin tonic with exclusive formula from Panchagavya, which provides you all day moisturizing, nourishment and skin protection from bad weather, heat and pollution.

The cream is blended with the extracts of Aloe Vera, Natural Vitamin E, Cow Milk and Pure Cow Ghee with Honey and Cow Urine Ark, which protects your skin from pollution and uncertain weather and provides nourishment your skin and moisturize and natural cure. It helps you to repair your dead skins and prevent from Skin infections.

Panchagavya Skin Lotion is exclusive Ayurvedic multi purpose skin cream for all seasons, special properties Panchagavya Formula use for Nourishments to keep your skin healthy and protect against Pollutions.

It is rich with Aloe Vera, Cow Ghee and Honey, nutrients which exhibit action.

A natural UV inhibitor, antibacterial and antifungal, as well softening and intense moisturizing properties nourish your skin. Aloe Vera, Gau Mutra Ark and Cow Milk extracts contains ability and effective.

Its astringent properties work as a skin tonic to tone and rejuvenate facial skin.

This is daily-use cream for all seasons.

Key ingredients:  Panchagavya - Cow Milk, Cow Ghee, Distilled Cow Urine, Coco Butter, Aloe Vera, Kokum Ghee, Godhum Oil, Organic Glycerin. Natural Vitamin E and Honey.